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Please Read this Part, it is important.

Erebus©, AllWorldz© and NamelessRPG© are trademarks of Immersive Entertainment Group,Inc. All rights reserved.

What is a Listserve ?

Basically a listserve is a re-emailer program. The advantage is, you do not have to maintain the list of people that your messages are sent to. You do not have to find those people with similar interests, once you are subscribed to the Listserve, they will find you. There are now literally 10's of thousands of Listserve lists available, this particular one is dedicated to Imeg, The Erebus Project and All Worldz.

Listserv Features:

1. This Listserve is unmoderated, that means that no one reads all the posts and then releases only those that are approved of. We would very much like to keep it that way.

2. Your Email address will be kept confidential, the host service, YahooGroups.com, will not give out our subscriber list to anyone. If captured, we will eat the list before turning it over to the vile spammers and evil junk emailers.

3. The Listserve page at YahooGroups is available (Click Here), you can read emails to the list online as well as respond to messages. With a subscription to the Yahoo web site, you can also change how you recieve your listserve messages.

A few rules before you subscribe, these are for your own safety as well as that of others:

1. No spamming, it you are found spamming, well, you know. I'll have to ask you to leave.

2. Try to keep the discussion on subject, i.e. AllWorldz, Erebus, NamelessRPG or ImEG.

3. Short Stories and other art work. The Copyrights for all work created by you, belong to you. All works derivative of Erebus or AllWorldz belong to ImEG. Thats the short of it, however, having been on the other side of this issue in the past, we will be more than happy to work with anyone who has questions.

4. Commercial activity. Once again Spamming is not allowed. However, it is not secret that ImEG is a money making venture. As such, some participants will probably be offering services related to our projects. Contact this Listserves Moderator before making any announcements concerning specific services would be appropriate. If you are unsure, Email the Moderator before posting your service to this list.

5. Neticate. NO FLAMES. Sometimes people loose themselves in Email and forget they are talking to real people. Try this, pretend you are in a really nice restaurant talking to all these people and you will be OK. All flamers will be asked to take their disputes into pri
vate Email. It they refuse, well, you know. I will kick their butt out of here.


If you read the above, thank you, and Welcome to the Worldz of ImEG. If you did not read what is above, you really should, it will explain a few things and help you out as well.


Just a few more things:

To unsubscribe send your email to:



To POST your messages send your email to:



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