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The World of Erebus

Erebus is a fantasy setting with an odd Victorian flavor and a twist of 1930's pulp. It is being built around three central themes:

1. Blazing Action: With so many bad guys and so little law, Erebus presents players with plenty of opportunity for ass-whupin'. The RPG rules encourage fast, cinematic fights in the tradition of Zoro or the Shadow. If that's what you want out of a game, then you'll get it here.

2. Dark Intrigue: Politics is the name of the game for Erebus' power players. Alliances are made and broken at every meal and new occult groups are coming out of the stonework. Magic is alive and well, but it is limited to illusions, hypnosis, and divination; magi must be cunning to use it well.

3. Crucible of the World: All of this takes place amidst the clash of three Great Civilizations. From the east, west, and south, these violently different cultures come to Erebus to trade, talk, and do battle. Erebus is a world in transition... to what, only the players can decide.

The Erebus Project

Erebus is also a collaborative world-building project created by the Immersive Entertainment Group (ImEG). Fans from around the globe are invited to take a small piece of the setting, develop it, and interact with other participants to help chart its future. The project has three main aspects:

1. The Online Game: Players create and direct their own cults in this open-ended, multi-player simulation. They conduct talks via online forums and email, war with and spy on each other via a simple CGI control panel, and maintain their own mini-websites devoted to their cults.

2. Fiction & Role-Playing: Players can submit original fiction and RPG ideas to ImEG. Fiction will be placed on the website for display, getting free exposure for the author. Occasionally, the best fiction will be put into anthologies and sold via the website, with authors getting a portion of the proceeds. RPG work will be contracted out and authors will get a portion of any sales.

3. Artwork: Erebus-inspired artists can submit their work for display on the site, just like authors can. From time to time, pieces might be chosen for inclusion in fiction and RPG materials, or artists hired to create new illustrations. In either case, the artist sees some of the profit.


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