5 of the Best Game Graphics of 2016

Some game fanatics spent more resources for a new graphics card so they can play video games that look realistic. Here are 5 of the best game graphics of 2016 which will really push graphics cards out there to their limits.

  1. Batman- Arkham Knight

Go back to the open world of Gotham City with “Batman: Arkham Knight” and fight against Scarecrow. Batman gets a new armor and developed new capabilities. The game is among the graphically intensive ones with modern effects, courtesy of NVIDIA GameWorks.Gotham City gets a level of detail unmatched by any other in the game world. Driving the Batmobile produces dynamic debris, dust and a drifting cloud of smoke brought by turbulence and physics technology. Vapor trailing rockets can diffuse if you move through them or blow them with the air from the Batmobile.modern-combat

Another impressive thing is the dust clouds and smoke capable of self-shadowing that make them appear more realistic. Clothes, jackets and Batman’s cape have technologies to render a realistic soft cloth characteristic when they move. Batman’s suit flies off when he swings his cape.

  1. Just Cause 3

“Just Cause 3” is a game that does not only look very photo realistic, but also chaotic. With so many explosions, super fast cars, wingsuit and hunting animals, there is much insanity included in this graphical game. Its fire, smoke, debris and fuel tanks will take a lot of power from both the hardware’s processor and graphics card.

It has been a while since Rico Rodriguez blew stuff up in “Just Cause 2.” He has returned home in “Just Cause 3” and found his home already under control of an evil dictator. It gives him a perfect reason to blow more stuff up, this time with new guns, vehicles, amazing wing suit, grapple, parachute and gadgets that help his unparalleled mobility. Returning with him are more complex and realistic destruction graphics, higher-definition textures and more graphical effects.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V

“Grand Theft Auto V” which allows first person or third person gaming, rivals other graphics-heavy games pixel to pixel. For instance, Los Santos has that realistic look as the city in Southern California with a diverse and dense population. The in-game city copies its counterpart in real life. The gamer can drop by historical landmarks like Vinewood Boulevard, Hollwood’s equivalent or Los Santos river.

Driving around at various architecture works and infrastructure has photo realistic quality. One can take a break by swimming and exploring the underwater. Rockstar implements graphics technology with realistic shadowing, reflections and lighting.

  1. Star Wars Battlefront

Battlefront’s artists and developers create the most accurate representation of “Star Wars” battles in visual form. The game has a gorgeous geography with Hoth’s ice fields having the most visibly pleasing snow in the any video game. The snow does not just have a flat texture, but has an actual depth  where you can make footprints. Having a broad range of customization options are the character models which are all sharp-looking. One with the most impressive detailing is the battle-worn armor.

“Star Wars: Battlefront” allows up to 20 players on each team and even with more players it is stable and consistent. It is the most immersive “Star Wars” experience video game there is.

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” is among the gamers favorites, and a good game to test an upgraded graphics hardware setup. The game plays and runs best on PC with enhancements on view distance and texture clarity. It looks really stunning with a beautiful animation and detail of distant glimpses and blood-red sunsets at far off hills. It is similar to its predecessor in looks but not as restricted and its zones are not that small.