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What is "Immersive Entertainment?" It is the next evolution in hobby gaming. It merges three different creative activities into unified, consistent world-building projects.

You create the worlds!

Make your own worlds and see them come to life!

You write the fiction!

Create your own fiction, modules and other works!

You control the game!

Interact with other worlds and the gamers who created them!

You make the decisions!

ImEG is a company by gamers and for gamers. We will live or die by the contributions of our "customers," so we will do everything we can help you create the games you want to play, and the worlds you want to play in.


If you wish to send us any feedback, please use the form below. Or, better yet, join the project and our Listserve.


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Please, join us on the new frontier of gaming: Immersive Entertainment!

--Dan Pond & Tom Schruefer, Directors of ImEG Inc.©




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